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It has wide acceptance among editors and is considered a standard that everyone should follow. Except for minor edits, please make use of the discussion page to propose changes to this policy.

At the Star Wars: The Force Unleashed wiki, we like things to be neat and in-uniform. This Manual of Style is here to be a guideline to new users.

For information on the basic writing techniques and styles, which are used here, see Wikipedia's Manual of Style.

Below are some basic Star Wars formatting do's and don't's.

Layout guideEdit


  • Photo
  • Introduction
  • Behind the scenes
  • Appearances
  • Sources
  • Notes and references
  • External links
  • See also
  • Trivia (section must be included even if there is no existing trivia on the subject matter).

For more detail on what the sections should provide, see below:


Must be a jpg, png, gif, bmp, ipg, img, prc or ico file photo. Must be at least 150px or more. For file conversion, click here for a coolutils online image converter.. It must be a photo of the actual faction, no fanart and no stolen images. No pornography or vulgar images.


Must be a quick formal introduction for readers that do not have the time to read the entire page. Must show basic facts.

Behind the scenesEdit

Simaller to trivia, it must show some facts which were non-canonical. (Section must be included even if there is no existing trivia on the subject matter).


Must list a series of games, movies, books or guides which noted the following subject.


Must source where the information was retrieved from. For a template to show that the page is short or does not have any sources, put {{More sources}} for a template:

830px-I find your lack of fath disturbing

I find your lack of sources disturbing.

This article needs to be provided with more sources and/or appearances to conform to a higher standard of article quality.

Notes and referencesEdit

If some other faction was noted or referenced, it should be listed here.

External linksEdit

Must list all of the links that will bring you away from this page. For instance, all of the external links on this help page are:

See alsoEdit

Very simaller to Notes and references, but this time list using bullets instead of run-on sentences.


Known facts which may be usefull or critical. For instance

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